Usain Bolt awaiting COVID-19 test result but isolating as a precaution

By Ryan Benson 25 August 2020 26
Usain Bolt awaiting COVID-19 test result but isolating as a precaution

Usain Bolt has contradicted media reports claiming he has tested positive for coronavirus, but did confirm he is isolating as a precaution.

Retired sprinter Bolt had a surprise party thrown for his 34th birthday last week, with footage and photos of the event on social media appearing to show little evidence of social distancing or safety precautions such as face masks.

Bolt, an eight-time Olympic gold medallist, was widely criticised for the party and it led to claims the Jamaican tested positive for COVID-19.

This was news to Bolt, who posted a video to his official social media channels on Monday to confirm he had taken a test on Saturday but was yet to receive the results.

Nevertheless, he is already quarantining just in case.

In the video message, Bolt said: "Morning everybody – I was waking up and like everybody checked social media and basically saw that I was confirmed for COVID-19.

"I did a test on Saturday. I'm trying to be responsible so I'm going to stay in for my friends and also I've had no symptoms.

"I'm going quarantine myself and wait for confirmation to see what is the protocol. I've called my friends to tell them that, if they've been in contact with me, they should – just to be safe – quarantine by themselves and just to take it easy. Be safe out there."

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